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As sadly expected, Clippers have stopped paying Dunleavy, arbitration next

We warned you more than a month ago this was coming. It was all so predictable. Clippers owner Donald Sterling would live up to his reputation as cheap -- contracts be damned -- and the Clippers and Mike Dunleavy were on a path to court.

Well, the first step has come as the Clippers have stopped paying Dunleavy, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Mike Dunleavy, who resigned as coach and was subsequently fired as general manager of the Clippers this season, has filed for arbitration, saying the team has cut off his salary....

Dunleavy was owed $1.35 million for the balance of this season and $5.4 million for next season, a total of $6.75 million. Dunleavy declined to comment, noting the pending arbitration process.

“We are in the process of mutually attempting to resolve any outstanding issues with Mr. Dunleavy,” said Clippers attorney Robert Platt. “We’re hopeful that we can reach a resolution in the near future.”

Like many current contracts (for things like health care) there is a provision sending the case to arbitration, not the courts.

So tell me again why some highly sought after free agent wants to come play for this franchise?