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Avery Johnson is playing footsie with the Hornets

Avery Johnson, or, “The Little General” as he’s known in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 circles, has been out of the coaching gig for a bit. A nice comfy studio gig and no reporters questioning his every small-ball lineup.

But Sam Amico writing for Pro Basketball News brings word that Johnson’s agent will be contacting the Hornets to see if there is interest in him joining New Orleans in the future.

Johnson might be a smart choice for the Hornets on some levels, being a player’s coach (as a former player, you know. See what I did there?) and with proven playoff success (Hmm? What 2006 Finals collapse followed by what most embarrassing first round loss in history? I don’t recall those.).

But on the other hand, Johnson’s track record with developing young talent isn’t exactly exemplary, and George Shinn might keel over and die when A.J. puts his salary requirements on the table. Not to mention the fact that one-man-show Jeff Bower has the Hornets still competing for a playoff spot despite not having CP3. Kind of a weird time to be casting hooks, there, Lil’ General.