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Barack Obama fantasizes about owning NBA team

Barack Obama

Barack Obama


President Barack Obama is a big fan of the NBA, the Chicago Bulls in particular.

Nearing the final year of his presidency, Obama is looking toward the future.

Obama, in a Q&A with Bill Simmons for GQ:

Would you ever want to be part of the ownership for an NBA team?

Would it have to be the Bulls, or would it have to be somebody else?
Well, you know, I know [Jerry] Reinsdorf pretty good—he’s not giving that thing up anytime soon. But I have fantasized about being able to put together a team and how much fun that would be. I think it’d be terrific.

Unfortunately for Obama, he doesn’t have enough money.

Obama’s net worth is between $2 million and $7 million, according to disclosure reports.

The smallest allowable share (1%) of the least-valuable team ($600 million Bucks, according to Forbes) is $6 million.

At best, that’s a large majority of Obama’s money. At worst, it’s far more than he has.

Obama certainly has connections that can start conversations, but I don’t see how he affords even a partial stake in an NBA team.