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Ben Simmons update: 76ers expect him to show up, play this season

Keith Pompey joins Michael Smith and Michael Holley to explain why the Philadelphia 76ers haven't traded Ben Simmons and why it isn't about the money.

The latest Ben Simmons trade rumor update... is that there’s really not much of an update.

Simmons has threatened not to show up to training camp, and the latest report — from Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier Times and the USA Today — is the expected pushback from management that they expect he will show. Eventually.

Of course 76ers management says they expect Simmons to play, what else are they going to say?

This standoff is where things are now, and as much as there is a lot of sound and fury on NBA Twitter, it signifies nothing. The situation is the same as it has been for weeks, if not since the end of the season. Here’s a little reminder of where things stand:

• Simmons representatives asked for a trade and the Sixers have tried to find a deal.
• The 76ers have asked for a “Harden-like” package for the 25-year-old three-time All-Star who was second in Defensive Player of the Year voting last season. Specifically, they have wanted an All-Star level player back because, with Joel Embiid, the 76ers are a win-now team, plus picks and more
• No team has come anywhere close to that kind of offer. Simmons’ value, coming off the playoffs, is at an all-time low.
• While there are multiple teams still talking to the 76ers on some level, nothing is close. The Timberwolves want a deal but will not include Karl-Anthony Towns or Anthony Edwards, and only reluctantly De’Angelo Russell, so they need to find a third team with players the 76ers want and have had no success. The Kings will not put D’Aaron Fox or Tyrese Haliburton in a trade, and Philly has no interest in Marvin Bagley III for several reasons. It is the same with all the offers coming to the 76ers. Even if Morey brought his expectations down to reasonable, the current offers on the table do not meet that standard.
• There is no Bradley Beal or Damian Lillard level trade for Simmons coming in the short term (and maybe the long term).
• Simmons has told the 76ers its not his job to come back and rehab his trade value, they need to find a deal. If not, he will hold out.
• Now Philly has made their statement. Eventually, Sixers management will need to decide if they want to fine Simmons for not showing up to camp (and possibly games) — in this report they say they will, but actually going through with it is something else.
• Simmons is trying to make things uncomfortable for the 76ers to force their hand — and succeeding on some level — the question is how uncomfortable are Daryl Morey and the 76ers willing to get?

This is likely resolved more like James Harden’s trade request out of Houston a season ago — we will be a little way into the season before a deal gets done. Simmons will get traded, but don’t bet on it happening before training camp starts.

If you want more detail on the Simmons situation and how it might shake out, listen to NBC’s Dan Feldman and Noah Levick of NBC Sports Philadelphia discuss the situation on a recent PBT Podcast.