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Birdman flies back into Nuggets lineup Monday


Have the color adjusted on your sets because things are going to go much brighter when the Denver Nuggets travel to Golden State tonight.

Chris Anderson is back, recovered from knee surgery. The Birdman. He of the insane neck tattoo and the high flying blocks.

Really, it’s the second part of that can dramatically help Denver — the Nuggets defense this season has been average. That’s in part because opposing teams are shooting 65 percent at the rim against the Nuggets, the sixth worst percentage in the league (via Hoopdata). Nobody fears them at the rim. Look at the top teams in the league and they protect the rim. Right now Denver does not.

Chris Anderson changes that. He will take away some easy layups, alter shots and force the other team to just pull up from 12 feet out. That will be a huge boost to the Nuggets.

Plus, you know, Technicolor neck tattoos.