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Blake Griffin goes after Trevor Booker following flagrant foul, says he may retaliate in the future (VIDEO)

Chris Douglas-Roberts, Spencer Hawes, Blake Griffin, Trevor Booker, Olandis Poole

Chris Douglas-Roberts, Spencer Hawes, Blake Griffin, Trevor Booker, Olandis Poole


In the third quarter of Friday’s preseason contest between the Clippers and the Jazz, Blake Griffin elevated for a dunk along the baseline, but was prevented from completing the play thanks to a hard foul from Trevor Booker.

Booker was doing his job to a certain extent, not allowing Griffin to get an easy two points. But it’s dangerous to take a player down in midair like that, and Griffin obviously felt that the play was unnecessary, especially during the preseason.

From Arash Markazi of ESPN Los Angeles:

“I was going to but then I thought its preseason,” Griffin said when asked about retaliating. “It’s not worth it, that’s not the person I want to waste it on.”

When Griffin was asked if he feels close to retaliating if the hard fouls continue, he said, “Yeah, probably. I’m not going to do it for no reason or if it’s not warranted and I didn’t feel that was.” ...

“You don’t ever want him to do anything but he gets hit with more cheap shots than anybody in the league,” Rivers said. “I don’t even think it’s close.”

Griffin plays a bruising and physical style of basketball that often gets under the skin of his opponents. But because of this, the referees often let Griffin receive plenty of contact that goes without being whistled for the foul that it should.

There’s no easy solution, here, but I’ve talked with Griffin about this very subject on more than one occasion in separate seasons. He’s always believed that he receives an unfair amount of illegal contact; it appears he’s reaching a breaking point, and is now willing to do something about it.