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Blake Griffin is must watch. Baron Davis is still Baron Davis.


My god Blake Griffin.

This was his first NBA basket, and it wasn’t even his best of the night. The guy electrified Staples Center had had people talking about him being the second best basketball player in Los Angeles right now. (Fourth or fifth may be more accurate, which after one game is gigantic.)

Every season there is one team or one player that becomes the buzz guy. The guy that becomes an NBA League Pass favorite. The guy East Coasters stay up to watch. Blake Griffin may be that guy. His game is monster and he’s having so much fun. He’s just excited to be on the court.

This would be awesome for the Clippers, but they lost again. As expected. To a good Portland squad. If you want to know what held the Clippers back on a night of explosion, check out this line: 3 of 11 shooting, 0-for-3 from deep, 3 assists, 4 turnovers. Bad execution down the stretch.

Meet Baron Davis. The guy with the ball in his hands for the Clippers.

Davis is not the entire problem here. Ryan Gomes started at the three and struggled. Chris Kaman was 4 of 18 shooting. The execution issues during the Blazers 15-0 run in the fourth were team-wide (and include Griffin).

And to his credit, after the game Davis admitted that right now he is not where he needs to be, that he needs to perform better than he did Wednesday night.

But you felt the hope in Clippers Nation during this game. There should be. Griffin and Eric Gordon alone speak to a future of potential. But you watch the same old Davis and you feel an anchor on it. Which is just sad. And very Clippers.