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Blazers GM: Carmelo Anthony trade holding up other deals

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Teams are talking trades. Not really seriously, however.

We told you the other day that meaningful trade chatter was down this season and tried to present a few reasons — fear of the unknown of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement and teams not taking on any new salary because of it for one. All the contenders are set or have made their major moves, for another.

But in an interview on a Trail Blazers broadcast, Portland GM Rich Cho had another idea (via CBS Eye on Basketball).

He was asked if the seemingly endless dragging out of the Carmelo Anthony trade situation is part of the problem.

“It seems like it. It looked like that deal was going to go down with New Jersey. And then that got held up. I don’t know if it’s still going to go down or something is going to happen with New York or maybe Melo stays there [in Denver], but it does seem to be holding things up a little bit.”

Cho added that usually trades do not go down until the few days before the deadline, so things could still pick up.

In an interview with the Mercury News, Warriors GM Larry Riley said that there is plenty of superficial talk about trades, but few things that seem serious.

But there is something — or somethings — keeping everything in a holding pattern. That doesn’t mean that the trade floodgates are not going to open — ‘Melo deal or not — but talk is certainly reduced this season.

It’s likely a combination of factors, including the Anthony deal holding up conversations about others. If Anthony is traded look for Denver to make some other moves sending out Chauncey Billups and maybe Nene. They will start the rebuilding process fast. That may open up those floodgates a little.