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Bobcats sign Larry Hughes

Larry Hughes will be in the playoffs.

Let your brain get around that, quick.

Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer is reporting that the Bobcats have signed Hughes for the remainder of the season. Bonnell states that he’s been signed to pick up the slack after the departure of Flip Murray, but you have to wonder if Hughes will be picking up more minutes than D.J. Augustine, considering Augustine’s struggles this season.

Hughes will have to recover from a broken finger before he can join the ‘Cats.

There’s an interesting dynamic in play for the Bobcats. They were blasted early in the year for their offense, which was beyond wretched. But instead of compromising defensively in exchange for better offensive weapons, they’ve simply added a veteran player with high usage rates with Stephen Jackson. Hughes is remarkably similar, a player that isn’t efficient, isn’t dominant, but can get buckets if he’s hot. It’s an interesting approach, and one that’s paying dividends as the Cats are closer than ever to their first playoff appearance.

Larry Hughes, back in the playoffs.

What a weird world we have discovered.