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Boris Diaw can make an extra $500,000 by not gaining weight this season

Boris Diaw

Boris Diaw


The Spurs’ Boris Diaw loves a good meal. And a good glass of wine. I mean, if there was one guy who almost ate his way out of the league during the lockout it was Diaw, who came back just fat. There’s not really another word for it.

However, Diaw has gotten back in relative shape and has become a key part of the champion Spurs — his versatility of game and always making the smart pass was a real challenge for the Heat players in the Finals last season. Diaw is high IQ player and a perfect fit in Gregg Popovich’s system.

San Antonio just has to keep him in shape.

So they came up with a great incentive to do that — cash. From ESPN’s Amin Elhassan ($$):

• Most importantly, Diaw’s deal features $500,000 in annual performance bonuses in the form of a weight clause. Each season, he gets:

• $150,000 for weighing less than or equal to 254 pounds on Oct. 25
• $150,000 for weighing less than or equal to 254 pounds on the first Tuesday after the All-Star Game
• $200,000 for weighing less than or equal to 254 pounds on April 1


I’m generally kind of a fan of performance-based bonuses in sports. There are some in the NBA, although because of the sparse number of genuinely elite players in the league they don’t have to generally accept them. Those players have options; NBA players have more leverage than the average NFL or MLB player in talks, just because of the nature of the game. (Plus, in the NBA if you give a guy a bonus for hitting a certain points said player might throw off your team balance and system as he shoots first to try and reach said goal. Team sports can make those kinds of bonuses more difficult.)

This one works.

I’m rooting for him to make it. Diaw just needs to cut out the refined carbs and sugar on the road… although I always find that easier said than done. Craft beers contain carbs.