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Brandon Jennings: “I guess in three years, me, Tyreke Evans, and Stephen Curry should team up, too.”

Brandon Jennings has weighed in to TMZ on all the team-ups going on and it’s about what you’d expect. He says that all these team-ups that are going on (and he lumps Boston in with Miami) are bad because it lowers the competition, that “everyone’s trying to play together instead of competing.” He mentions he’s got friends, too, and according to what’s going on in the league, he should team up with Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry. Which is just insane to think about.

Most notable? Jennings says the players are teaming up to “try and beat Kobe (Bryant).” With all the discussions of team-ups and taking the easy way out, it could be argued that it’s the talent the Lakers have acquired that have created this situation. The Lakers do boast multiple Hall of Famers and Ron Artest is playing for the mid-level exception, for cryin’ out loud.

His comments do bring up another question. Are James, Wade, Bosh, and the Boston crew setting an example that will follow through to the younger generations of players? Will we see Jennings et al teaming up in a few years to try and combat the Miami Triad? Is there a pattern being set that will follow through? It’s unlikely given the difference in players’ competitiveness, but it’s still something to watch to see if we’re experiencing a paradigm shift in the NBA.