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Jennings calls “bipolar” tweet a joke

Update 5:05 pm Just kidding....

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Brandon Jennings this afternoon said he was just joking around on twitter about being bipolar, “Didn’t have to write an article about it.” Welcome to the world of celebrity, Mr. Jennings. Look, we’ve all made the “I’m bipolar” joke with friends and loved ones when we’re in a mood, but if you do it on twitter, it comes off differently. No harm done, but you have to be a little careful about what you put out there.

2:24 pm Brandon Jennings surprised a lot of people. He surprised the general managers that passed on him in the last draft because they couldn’t get a good read on him after a year in Europe. He surprised opposing teams early on, once scoring 55 points in a game. He surprised fans when he came rockin’ a high-top fade a few weeks back.

He surprised everyone with this tweet last night:

“I’m bipolar. (true story)”

That’s a serious thing to say. Serious anywhere, anytime. It’s something the NBA and the NBA community are sensitive to because of the challenges that Delonte West has faced because of it. But I don’t think Jennings said this jokingly (I hope not).

Jennings is young, open and carefree as a person, most likely he was just sharing with his fans. He is part of a younger generation of athlete that uses social media like twitter to break down the wall between him and the fans. (Well, partially break down, no NBA player really wants it all the way down.) This is him, this is the real him.

And like anybody real, it will mean some ups and downs. He wants you to have a better understanding of who he is and how the world challenges him when those down times come. The wall is a little lower today.