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Byron Scott goes on odd, angry postgame rant after Lakers lose to Timberwolves

Byron Scott

Byron Scott


The Lakers held an eight-point lead over the Timberwolves with just over five minutes remaining in Friday night’s contest at Staples Center, but continued to defend at a league-worst level, and eventually ended up losing, while giving up 120 points in the process.

Byron Scott was hired in part because of the emphasis he intended to put on the defensive end of the floor, even though evidence from his previous stints as head coach showed he wasn’t at all able to affect any change in that area.

That doesn’t mean he’s becoming any less frustrated with this season’s horrific results.

From Baxter Holmes of ESPN Los Angeles:

“Have you ever been to the zoo?” the Los Angeles Lakers coach asked Friday. ...

“Do you ever go see the gorillas, the elephants, the lions and the monkeys, and they’re looking right back at you?” Scott asked. “That’s what Minnesota was doing. They were looking right back at us.” ...

“There’s nobody in this ...” Scott continued. ...

And just after he paused before reciting that final, fateful syllable, Scott’s breath turned to fire. He raised his voice, all but shouting. He pounded the table before him in the postgame news conference. He beat his hands into it four times -- hard.

“There’s nobody in this league that we should be looking at thinking, ‘This is an easy win,’ ” he boomed, beating the table as he spoke. “Period.”

It’s a fine line for Scott, obviously, especially in these early stages. If he doesn’t show enough emotion, it may be perceived as though he isn’t sufficiently concerned. Showing too much, however, as he appeared to do here, seemed like an unnecessary attempt at making sure that the public knows just how unacceptable he viewed his team’s latest performance.