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Carmelo Anthony, Tim Hardaway Jr. deny any lingering friction

Carmelo Anthony, Tim Hardaway Jr.

Carmelo Anthony, Tim Hardaway Jr.


Yes, they argued. They own that.

Two emotional guys, two competitors, on a team that’s losing a lot (10 straight as of Wednesday night), you have to expect that.

But Carmelo Anthony and Tim Hardaway Jr. want you to know they’re all good.

Both teammates were asked about a report earlier this week that they had argued and Anthony had said he would beat Hardaway up after the game (which never happened, obviously). Both admitted the argument but said there was nothing to it, reports

“Me and Tim have no problems,” Anthony said before the Knicks’ 109-95 loss to the Spurs. ".... Tim is a guy who I always wrapped my arm around and put under my wing from Day 1, helped him through times when he’s been down, and I will continue doing that.”

Added Hardaway Jr.: “We’re brothers. Brothers argue in the heat of the moment and then they make up. It’s just that simple. I look at Melo as a mentor.”

Of course there is some tension in the Knicks locker room — they are 4-20. If they were all good with that, if it were all puppy dogs and rainbows, if they were not in each other’s faces a little, then I’d be worried. A lot of the players don’t like the triangle? Shocking. It doesn’t fit most of their games, of course they don’t. Along those same lines of course they don’t like the culture change and getting called out. There are a lot of flaws on this roster. This team lacks defenders. It also lacks the unselfish players the triangle offense needs to work. That has included Anthony for portions of this year, he has not bought in like Derek Fisher needs him to on the court.

Things are not likely to get better for a while. Anthony was out Wednesday night to rest his troublesome knee, and the rest of the Knicks could not beat a Spurs team sitting its top four players. The Knicks have players that are simply a terrible fit for the offense and systems Derek Fisher wants to install. It’s going to take a couple years of Phil Jackson the front office wizard to turn this roster into something that can really compete. Even in the East.

In the meantime, the Knicks can just have more team meetings. The Knicks had one last Saturday. Befitting the Festivus season, there was the airing of grievances.

“It was a very productive meeting. Everybody had a platform to say how they felt about what was going on,” said Anthony. “It wasn’t about the system or anything specific like that. It was about what we all can do to be better as a team and get over this hump.”