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Cavaliers GM: No plans to trade Kevin Love

The Cavs shocked the NBA by firing HC David Blatt, a man who boasts a 30-11 record with a team in first place in the Eastern Conference. So why fire him? Look to the losses to the Warriors and Spurs as Blatt's downfall.

Part of the reason David Blatt is out and Tyronn Lue is in as Cavaliers coach is Kevin Love.

Love was being used almost as an afterthought and floor spacing big much of the time, not getting the ball in positions where he is comfortable (the elbows, for example) and being left to float through the offense. How much of that was Blatt’s design and how much of that was Blatt not being able to get LeBron James and Kyrie Irving to feed Love in good positions is moot now, the fact is it wasn’t happening. Lue has promised to change that.

With that, you can’t expect that the Cavaliers are going to move Love, and Cleveland GM David Griffin said as much in an interview on WKNR in Cleveland, as transcribed and reported by Steven J. Gaither at the Sporting News.

“You’d have to go a long way to convince me that we’re a better team winning in the Finals without a player like Kevin on our team,” Griffin said Monday in an interview on Cleveland radio station WKNR. “We’ve never once put together an offer involving Kevin nor have we taken a call on an offer for Kevin....

“We think very highly of Kevin and we believe Kevin thinks very highly of this situation,” Griffin said. “But, I can also tell you that we have been very clear from the beginning that there’s no such thing as untouchables. You’re either all the way in or all the way out in this process and we believe our guys are all the way in.”

That’s not true, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are untouchables. No matter what Griffin tells himself.

But he’s right, the Cavaliers have been 10.5 points per 100 possessions better when Love is on the court this season as opposed to off it. He makes them better, despite what you think from seeing vines of his defense against the Warriors. It’s a matter of utilizing him better.

But will the Cavaliers make any moves? Maybe. Especially if Griffin doesn’t think they are a threat to the Warriors. And that could potentially include significant moves.

“If it remains that way, then we are going to try and augment the group at the bottom and try to get some additional depth and that’s what we’ll do,” he said. “We’re not going to be afraid to do what needs to be done if something more significant comes along.”

Just don’t expect that to be Love. Not yet, anyway.