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Cavs to go for Snuggie world record

There is just no good way to introduce this one. From Canadian legend J.E. Skeets at Ball Don’t Lie:

That’s right, every fan at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ March 5 game against the Detroit Pistons will wear a limited edition Snuggie before the game’s tip-off. After five snuggly minutes, the Guinness World Record adjudicator will give the official word that the record for, um, “largest gathering of people wearing fleece blankets” has been set.

My dream job -- besides this one, of course (in case my brilliant and witty bosses at NBC are reading this) -- is to be one of the guys who travels the world for Guinness checking out world records. What, I have to go to Spain for a few days to taste and check out the world’s largest Paella? I’m on it, boss.

Pretty clever idea by the marketing team at the Cavaliers... except couldn’t they pretty much sell basketball? They have LeBron, the best record in the Association, 524 throwback jerseys, do they really need Snuggie night?

If this were New Jersey I’d understand. Well, they needed to do it in an arena where enough people show up to set the record, so the IZOD Center is out. But Cleveland? Personally, I’m holding out for Turbo Snake night.