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Celtics taking on interesting variations of former selves

The Celtics defined their 07-08 championship run with high-character players who understood their role built around the big three. That was what made the 2008 team so dominant, the perfect management of ego and talent. A combination so brilliantly naturally dynamic even Doc Rivers couldn’t screw it up.

But since then, they’ve started to take on more and more players which, ahem, extend a bit beyond that identity. It started with the signing of Stephon Marbury last year. That didn’t quite work out the way they hoped. Then this year, they traded for Nate Robinson, who’s much more of a “do-it-yourself self-starter.” So much so that he actually took over and coached the Celtics on a few plays for him this week (insert Doc Rivers joke here).

But maybe the most indicative and concerning addition is one the Celtics are now considering. The Boston Herald is reporting that the Celtics are giving serious thought to adding bought-out gunner Larry Hughes to their roster. As CelticsHub points out, this move would fall in line with an approach of only adding players that their fans hate to see how far they can take it before they get mad.

For all the AARP jokes that would ensue, Michael Finley falls in line with what got the Celtics a championship. Veteran leadership, intense defense, savvy and class. Hughes really only brings notoriety, mostly for the fact that someone started this site in honor of him.