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Celtics: Terrence Jones disrespected Amir Johnson, leading to minor skirmish (video)

The Celtics and Rockets got into a little dust-up last night.

Amir Johnson lost the ball out of bounds, and it fell behind him/between his arm and side. Terrence Jones tried to pick it up to start Houston’s possession before Boston’s defense could get set, but he got a little aggressive in the process.

That led to several small things that, while all minor in isolation, combined for a decent altercation:

  • Jones stepping over Johnson
  • Johnson pushing Jones’ legs
  • Jae Crowder nudging James Harden
  • Harden pushing Jones
  • Isaiah Thomas jawing at Jones and tangling arms with Harden

Jones, Harden and Thomas received technical fouls for the play.

Crowder and Thomas, via A. Sherrod Blakely of CSN Northeast:

“We had a guy down and their guy (Jones) kind of straddled (Johnson) and wouldn’t let our guy up,” Crowder said. “We saw it as a sign of disrespect. We just came to his rescue, and we weren’t having it. That’s what sparked it.”
“I just went to go protect my teammate,” Thomas told reporters after the game. “It was very disrespectful to stand over somebody.”

The Celtics got the last laugh, going on a 28-8 run immediately after the incident en route to a 111-95 win.