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Celtics, you must protect this house

The Celtics are in a fight with Atlanta for the we-get-to-avoid-Cleveland-in-the-second-round seed in the East. What you and I call the three seed. It also helps you avoid Milwaukee in the first round. It’s very coveted.

Which is why a six-game homestand should be a cause for celebration, a chance for Boston to grab hold of the three seed. Except that this season’s Celtics have learned nothing from Under Armour commercials -- they have not protected this house (as the Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn explains).

All season, the Celtics have not played consistently or felt comfortable at TD Garden, and the players and coaches have just learned to accept it as a mystery... So there is much at stake in this six-game stretch, with four opponents heading to the playoffs (Denver, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Cleveland) in addition to a difficult game against Houston and a tricky matchup with the young Kings.

“It’s tough, but it’s at home,’' said coach Doc Rivers. “It would be a nice chance to reestablish us at home. We haven’t done that this year yet. We haven’t had a lot of rhythm at home, so we have a chance right now.’'

It’s not really a mystery, the Celtics have basically identical numbers on the road and at home (most teams play better at home). Which is consistent. Consistency is nice. But right now and heading into the playoffs, the Celtics need more than nice. They need a little of that 2008 mean. There have been flashes lately, but now it is time to bring it home. Time to protect this house.