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Chandler Parsons: Dallas ‘nicer, cleaner’ than Houston

Chandler Parsons, Trevor Ariza

Chandler Parsons, Trevor Ariza


Chandler Parsons has gotten to play victim this offseason.

He claimed to be “offended” by the Rockets’ approach to free agency (an approach that netted him a huge raise with the Mavericks).

James Harden seemingly dismissed him as just a role player (to be fair, Harden later denied he was referring to Parsons). Dwight Howard said Parsons’ departure wouldn’t affect Houston.

But Parsons won’t remain a sympathetic figure to many Rockets fans – that is if he had any Houston supporters left in his corner.

Asked the biggest difference between Dallas and Houston, Parsons said (hat tip: Jack Winter of Dime):

It’s cleaner here. It’s just a nicer, cleaner city than Houston. Downtown, there’s not much to do. It’s really just businesses. It’s just kind of dirty.

Whether or not that’s true doesn’t matter. Fans don’t like players who leave in free agency, and they especially don’t like players who insult – accurately or not – the area on the way out.

Really, Parsons just did what many of us have or will. Many people leave one job for another because they get a raise and like their new city more. It’s nothing more complex than that.

But Rockets fans will still hate him for saying it.