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Charles Barkley flips off the TNT crew on air

This had noting to do with April fools day and everything to do with Charles Barkley doing something very... well, Charles Barkley. Which can be plenty foolish.

You can watch the video yourself. Kobe had dropped by the NBA/TNT but during a conversation about how bent out of shape Kobe’s fingers are, Barkley said that any NBA player has messed up fingers, saying, “My fingers ain’t ever been straight.”

Ernie Johnson said show me your bent finger -- and Barkley showed him the middle one. It was pretty obvious what happened, with Johnson even saying he should have seen that coming.

Johnson, always the pro, gave Barkley the graceful way out telling him to say it was an April fools day joke. Barkley replied, “for who.”

There will be a little uproar somewhere, but really who cares? The TNT show works because it feels like a free-flowing, fun conversation where they push the edge now and then. And make sophomoric jokes. And really do everything but pull out towels and try to snap each other with them. Flipping the bird as part of that

Nothing to see here, move along people.