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Coach Jordan frustrated in Philadelphia

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The Philadelphia 76ers are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.

(Let me just apologize now for using a Forest Gump reference. That is nearly unforgivable. I’m am truly sorry, and will now join Tiger in rehab for this problem.)

There are the games like last Friday night, where the Sixers play with energy, get out and run and hang with the league’s elite. Then there are games like Monday, when they roll over for the league’s elite and anger their coach.

Jordan said his team was sulking, lacking fight, and displaying a defeatist attitude.

“We try to address it,” Jordan said of the coaching staff. “We try to get them with some more spirit and some more positive energy. And it’s just hard when you don’t have that sort of internal leadership.”

Andre Iguodala was more mature than his coach.
“You start to play the blame game and it really leads to a dead end, it doesn’t go anywhere,” said Iguodala, who scored 19 points. “I’m just going to go out there and keep doing what I’ve been doing my whole career, which is play basketball the right way.”

Willie Green added a “that’s what he said” about Jordan.

Jordan may be trying to define leadership in the Kevin Garnett mold, or the Kobe Bryant scowl mold, but it can come in the Tim Duncan mold as well. Leadership is not always -- in fact usually not -- about being up in someone’s face yelling. It can be about example, about maturity.

And maturity is one thing a young Sixers team lacks. So what you get is nights when they can hang with the elite, and nights they roll over.