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Could assistant coaches be the lockout bellwether? Maybe.


If you’re looking for some optimism coming out of the ongoing lockout talks, we have something for you. Maybe.

The New York Post spoke with long-time NBA agent and attorney Steve Kauffman, who relayed this bit of information.

Kauffman said he has noticed an increase in calls from NBA teams in recent days, looking to “expedite” contract talks with assistant coaches. Kauffman sees it as an indication owners believe something big is about to happen.

“The only thing that can prevent an agreement from being reached are egos and stubbornness,” Kauffman said. “With the BRI (basketball-related income), they both know within a point or so where the other guy is. System issues are things that can be mediated by an excellent arbitrator from looking at past CBAs and the current economy. [Agent] David Falk said he could solve this in one hour. For the first time in my life, I agree with him that it’s solvable.”

Oh, so all we need are the egos of billionaire businessmen and NBA players to be put on hold to end this? Great, just great.

Maybe the assistant coaches are a bellwether to the end of the lockout. I hope so. But I never want to underestimate he ego or stubbornness of either side in this lockout.