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Dan Gilbert marks down LeBron to discount prices

Image (1) lebronfathead03-thumb-250x250-15545.jpg for post 3051

Don’t know if you noticed, but Dan Gilbert was a little angry last night. What with the angry letter and the angry phone calls and the playing it up for the angry mob.

Then this morning his company took a little dig at James.

Gilbert is the owner of Fathead, the people that make life-size picture of your favorite athlete to put on your fraternity house wall.

This morning, the price of the LeBron James dunking Fathead poster dropped from $99 to $17.41

Why $17.41 you ask? Well 1741 happens to be the year Benedict Arnold was born. You remember him from high school history, right?

Oh, that Dan Gilbert is so clever.

You get the feeling this little grudge match is going to go on for a while.