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Darko likely still headed to Europe

For reasons that even the string theory can’t even explain, there has been a sudden drive in the American media to keep Darko Milicic in the United States. Ideally with the Minnesota Timberwolves, so that Kevin Love can never see the court again. String theory can’t explain that, either.

We even reported about how a reporter asked Darko if the Timberwolves offered him a starting role and 35 minutes a game, would he take it? Nobody bothered to ask the Timberwolves if they wanted to do this, but that’s a trivial detail.

But Milicic told Hoops Hype he is likely still headed overseas.

“I don’t think I’m going to change my mind, but you never know,” Milicic said. “Stuff happens that you don’t expect to happen. For me, I’m just looking for one consistent season where I can play the same kind of minutes all season long and not be just a bench guy. Right now, I think that’s going to happen in Europe. I want to be part of a winning team. And besides, in Europe every game is a must-win game. I like that pressure. Here’s different. There’s a lot of games and only the playoff games matter. The rest of the season, what are you playing for?”

“The country doesn’t matter,” Milicic said. “I just want a team that trusts me and has a goal - winning a championship, making it into the Euroleague, whatever. I just want to enjoy playing basketball.”

Sure doesn’t sound like a guy who has changed his mind, it sounds like a guy heading back to Europe. Which makes the kind of sense you don’t even need string theory to explain.