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Del Curry not allowed to vote in the Rookie of the Year race

The NBA is a family-first organization. So naturally, when Del Curry, former NBAer and current Bobcats broadcaster empowered with an award ballot, had a chance to vote for Steph Curry, his son, as the rookie of the year, they removed his ability to put family first. Hyuk-hyuk-hyuk.

From the Associated Press:

NBA spokesman Tim Frank says Dell Curry will be allowed to vote for all the other postseason awards, but the league did not want to put him in an awkward position with the rookie award.

...Franks says the league will replace Curry with another voter who covers the Bobcats, but has not picked a replacement yet.


Honestly though, this isn’t a huge’s just very weird. Now, it’s one thing entirely if Curry asked that the ballot be given to someone else, which is possible albeit completely conjecture. Otherwise, what’s the point? Removing Curry’s vote seems to imply that biases don’t exist within media members around the league, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Do we honestly think that Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett, Golden State’s TV broadcast crew, will be voting for anyone other than Stephen Curry for Rookie of the Year? Or is it that those two are trusted to do their job despite their leanings, while Curry is not?

I’m not quite certain that being a broadcaster for Steph Curry’s team and being his father are the same thing, but this move by the NBA is a bit odd, regardless.