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DeMarcus Cousins shows maturity by admitting immaturity


DeMarcus Cousins: Real trouble or just immature?

It may be a little of both, but more just immature if you look at what he told Sam Amick of FanHouse about being thrown out of practice Monday.

“I was being selfish,” Cousins said after tallying 20 points and eight rebounds in a loss to Indiana on Tuesday night at Arco Arena, the Kings’ 10th in their last 11 games. “I’m frustrated about losing. In my own opinion, I believe different strategies should be in the game and I was being selfish. It was a good lesson for me. I learned from it.

“I am a big part of this team, and Coach Westphal said (in practice) I’ve been terrible. And that’s the truth. I’ve been terrible. It is a big effect on the team. I’ve got to pick up my game, and so does the rest of this team and we’ve got to turn this thing around.”

Those comments are a sign of maturity. That maybe he is growing up now, and being forced to do it fast.

Cousins, as he showed against Indiana (and has in flashes at other times this season) has the talent to tear this league up. He has a lot of athleticism and great touch for a man in such a big body. He could be a force.

Which is why teams have called about trading for him, hoping the Kings were ready to give up already. They are not. Cousins is not available, Amick was told.

As it should be. So far what has held Cousins back is Cousins. If he gets it going and plays well with others, the Kings will have the steal of the draft.