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Did Antoine Wright run smack about THE Michael Jordan?

Antoine Wright isn’t a bad player. Good defender, that will likely get better with age, and he can knock down some shots. But he’s not really considered elite. Which makes the fact that he was apparently “running smack” about the GOAT more than a little surprising.

Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer reports that Bobcats majority owner Michael Jordan was courtside last night for the ‘Cats loss to the Raptors, as he’s been for several games since taking over ownership. He was apparently baiting the refs the whole time, and Wright responded by telling the officials not to pay any attention to Jordan because he doesn’t play anymore.

If this was all that was said, it doesn’t really sound like much smack talk. It’s a fact that Jordan doesn’t play anymore, and the refs should listen to him about as much as they’d listen to Cuban or any other mouthy owner. But if Wright was saying anything more, well, he probably needs to recognize his place in history next to the best.

This may be the new reality we have to grow accustomed to with Jordan. Everyone wanted him more involved, well, now you’ve got him. We’ll see if they feel the same way if he starts racking up technicals or interfering with Larry Brown. Can you imagine being the first official to call a technical on Michael Jordan as an owner? You might wake up with a mascot’s head in your bed, a la the Godfather or something.