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Do the Nets hope to run it back this season with Durant in the fold?

Kurt Helin and Corey Robinson discuss Kevin Durant's legacy post-Warriors after a reported ultimatum was given during a meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai, a "negotiation tactic" that may not have worked as intended.

Kevin Durant requested a trade. Six weeks later, when he met with owner Joe Tsai, Durant reiterated his trade request and threw down a me-or-the-coach-and-GM ultimatum. Durant has never been one to make rash decisions, he thinks things through and then sticks with what he decides.

So do the Nets really think they can run this roster back? Brooklyn’s actions signal to other teams that they do not want to trade Durant and hope to get this roster playing together, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on “Get Up.”

“Right now, I think the Nets want to run this team back and they’re hoping Kevin Durant agrees. The way they’re conducting trade talks and the prices they are asking has teams out there thinking they don’t really want to trade Kevin Durant anyway. They want to bring this team back. We’ll see if Kevin Durant goes along with that in training camp...

“I think the team thinks the results on the court will make everybody feel a little bit better. But I just can’t get a good feel on where Kevin Durant is. He has been asked to be traded and told no, so far at least. He has asked for the coach to be fired. He has asked for the general manager to be fired. He keeps getting told no. Does he take all of those ‘no’s’ and still show up to training camp? That’s something I think we’ll have to wait and watch.”

Maybe the Nets’ actions suggest they don’t want to trade Durant, but does anyone think this relationship can be repaired?

There’s a lot of stuff flying around about Durant and the Nets, because nobody knows how this will play out. The only thing we know for sure is that nobody —not Durant, the Nets, the teams in the mix for a trade — seems to be on the same page.

The training camp showdown is next in the Durant trade saga. Does KD hold out or does he show up, and how disruptive does he decide to be? Whether he shows or not, things will get hotter for the Brooklyn front office, can they remain cool and wait out better trade demands?

It’s more questions than answers right now. Including the question of if the Nets think they can run it back.