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Doo-doo-doo... just waiting to see if the NBA loses games...


The NBA and NBPA began meetings roughly two hours ago around 6PM EST. There’s no telling when they’ll break, or how things are going. They could leave the room in a huff any time, they could be in there overnight. Here’s what we do know.

  • Glen Taylor, Jeanie Buss and Mo Evans joined the talks, but that still makes it a “small meeting.” Even if they were able to get a deal on the table, the owners, and players (plus, by extension, their agents) would have to approve even the framework before the i’s could be dotted.
  • Yahoo! Sports reports that league executives doubt the players’ resolve. Which will inevitably anger the players and make them dig in deeper. Sometimes silence is golden, guys.
  • As far as the 50/50 split goes, the New York Times reports that the league did not soften on 50/50, they’re trying to work around it. However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t dropped as a precondition, according to’s Ken Berger. So basically, the owners are willing to talk, but want it known they still want 50/50. Pretty basic negotiating tactic.

They could be in there talking to themselves and glaring. They could be eating in awkward silence. They could be locked in a death battle. They could be calling constituents to see if they have the votes to agree to a deal.

We’ll know eventually. Right now? We wait.