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Draymond Green given technical for hanging on rim, Kerr protests (VIDEO)

There wasn’t a lot of drama in the Warriors 104-74 rout of the Utah Jazz. While the Jazz have a fantastic defense, their offense can be contained, and the Warriors did just that.

What little drama there was came from Draymond Green. Shocking, I know.

He went coast-to-coast for a monster dunk — then got called for hanging on the rim. You can see the play above — Kerr was so livid he got a technical as well for his protest. Green probably deserved the tech more for his protest than the rim hanging. Here is what both had to say postgame, via

“I was upset because Draymond was going a million miles an hour on that play,” said Kerr, who protested vigorously enough to nearly get his own technical foul. “That was the play of the game. He blew past all nine guys and dunked it. He’s flying in. If he lets go of the rim, he’s going to break his neck.

“It makes zero sense to give a guy a T when he’s flying in and has to grab onto the rim, and hold onto the rim, to protect himself.”

“I can’t run full speed and just come straight back down without breaking my neck,” Green said. “So it’s neither here nor there.”

Green did more than just break his fall by hanging on the rim, he pulled himself up and showboated a little. That’s not normally something that gets called, but lead official John Goble was quick with the whistle and he’s following the letter of the law with the call. I prefer to see my players show a little emotion during the game, this didn’t seem to cross any lines to me.

Fortunately, it didn’t matter.