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Draymond Green rips Trail Blazers coach: ‘Asking for delay of games don’t help you win in the playoffs’

Chris Paul unleashed something when he requested and got a delay of game called on Jordan Bell.

Referees got retribution on the Thunder with more delay-of-game violations. An official mocked Paul when calling a delay of game in a contest not even involving Oklahoma City. And Trail Blazers assistant coach Jim Moran irked Draymond Green last night.

Green was trying to check in during the fourth quarter, but he took a while to remove his warmups and heating pads. Moran questioned how much time the referees would allow, and they ultimately didn’t let Green enter the game. Green yelled at Moran in the moment and continued expressing his displeasure after the game.

Green, via NBC Sports Bay Area:

Asking for delay of games don’t help you win in the playoffs. But that’s the league we’re in. Everybody’s cheating the game, whether it’s cheap-a— fouls or asking for somebody to get a delay of game. That’s the league we’re in. But those that cheat the game don’t win.
Monkey see, monkey do. I see one guy ask for delay of game and get it. Then, I’m going to ask for one. S—t’s weak.

This is the same Green who, by his own admission, was “doing more crying than playing.” People around repeatedly have to remind him to focus on the game, not whining.

Green has proven he can win in the playoffs. He’s probably trying to rub that in with the Trail Blazers, whom he and the Warriors have eliminated in the postseason three times in the last four years.

But after losing to Portland last night, Golden State is now 5-24. It’s probably not the best time to harp on how to win in the playoffs, considering the Warriors won’t even get there.