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Drunk Allen Iverson once lost to Nelly in HORSE

Allen Iverson has beaten Nelly in HORSE. You can watch it happen in the above video.

But you can also see Nelly bragging about beating Iverson previously.

Iverson’s depiction of their first matchup: “He had an advantage -- that night. That late night.” Before the rematch, Iverson even said, “And I ain’t drunk.”

Let’s take that strong implication to confirmation.

Iverson, via Gerald Flores of Complex:

Me and Nelly played H.O.R.S.E. He’s a friend of mine. I remember one night we went to Jermaine Dupri’s studio and I had been drinking before I got there. We went into the gym and he beat my ass. Then he went on 106 and Park and bragged about it. So the next time we played, I made sure that I came prepared. I hadn’t drunk anything and beat his ass. And during that game he was saying, “You need to get him a couple drinks.” I told him, “Nah. Not today. You ain’t going to brag on this one.”

Iverson is incredibly competitive, but, according to multiple accounts, he also drinks excessively. This story is, for better or worse, very much him.