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Dwyane Wade is no Frank Sinatra, turns down Gotti meeting

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Dwyane Wade’s life is just like yours and mine. I’m sure this happened to you a couple weekends ago: You’re just hanging out an exclusive Manhattan club (M2) with your bodyguard protecting you and your posse when the grandson of a famous mob boss wants to talk to you.

When it happened to Wade, however, he showed some balls (and a nifty ability to avoid future controversy) and said no to meeting Carmine Gotti. Of course, this story comes from the New York Post (did you have any doubt?).

Gotti was celebrating his birthday upstairs and was excited to hear Wade was downstairs. He headed down and asked to meet Wade, who responded, ‘There’s no way I’m meeting the Gottis or having my photo taken with them.’ Gotti’s security guard got into a scuffle with Wade’s. Gotti then headed back to his friends looking visibly upset, and Wade, who felt uncomfortable with the situation, decided to leave.

I don’t think Wade should have avoided Gotti because of his late grandfather’s mob ties. He should avoid him because he’s a reality television star.