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Expect NBA to indefinitely postpone start of season soon


When the NBA labor talks blew up last Thursday, we all knew it would just be a matter of time before more games were cancelled. Probably Monday or Tuesday of this week. The first two weeks of the season we already toast so what was next, another two weeks?

How about just saying it’s indefinite?

That’s what is likely to come down in the next 48 hours. Ken Berger at tweets.

Pretty widely expected that NBA’s next announcement will be that start of season postponed “indefinitely,” or “until further notice.”

Question is, will league and union meet/bargain before that announcement is made? Nothing planned for (Sunday), source says.

It is expected that the two sides will sit down again later this week, although nothing is yet set up. That’s the pattern of these talks: meet for a few days, have an ugly break up with public sniping, calm down for a few days then get back at it. The two sides are dug in and while you and I could find a middle ground that would end this lockout pretty quickly, right now neither side will go there.

So indefinite start to the season it is.