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Get your defensive tips from twitter, just like the pros

Manu Ginobili is the Kraken. At least lately he has been lately, he’s been an unstoppable force. He’s scored 25 a game in his last 10 shooting 40 percent from three and driving the lane enough to draw fouls and get to the line seven times a game. He destroyed the Lakers perimeter defense Sunday (although that’s not really much of a test lately).

With the Suns taking on the Spurs Wednesday, Jared Dudley wanted advice on how to stop Manu, he did what any NBA player would do -- asked what to do on twitter. Film study is so overrated. (Thanks to Trey at Ball Don’t Lie for this one)

Got the hated spurs tonight lol.. Have to find a way to slow down Ginoblii.. He’s been on a tear lately.. How should we guard him tonight?

The answers poured in from teenagers on Spring Break around the globe.

So what I’m getting from y’all is make him go right, be physical with him, and keep him out the lane.Ok ok I’ll let my teammates know.Thanks

And... it worked. Manu was just 4 of 15 on the night. He had 10 points and looked human. (Ignore the fact that this was the second night of a back-to-back and Manu had gone 5 of 13 the night before, this is all about twitter, it is the only possible answer).

I fully expect Phil Jackson to ask how to plan for the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs. I’m working on my 140 character strategy now.