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Gilbert Arenas accepts Donald Sterling’s apology

Gilbert Arenas china

I’ll be the first to accept ur a man who’s made a mistake or two in life I know how hard it is to look at your self in the mirror when you let so many ppl down but for anybody who can’t and won’t accept his apology u need to look in the mirror because were not perfect..forgiveness will destroy racism not more hatred..
—Gilbert Arenas, on his Instagram account

Well, that’s one.

That is Gilbert Arenas posting on Instagram, accepting the apology of Donald Sterling, something the embattled Clippers owner said during an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Forgiveness is one of the great gifts one person can give another, one we should all use more in our daily lives, and I would never tell someone not to forgive another, never tell someone how to feel about anything. My only question to Arenas would be: Do you feel Sterling’s apology was sincere?

Sterling also said in that interview that he believed that the Clippers players still loved him and were playing for him. At shootaround Tuesday the Clippers players tried to handle that diplomatically.