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Gilbert Arenas no longer the backup point guard for Magic. Probably.

Gilbert Arenas, Stan Van Gundy

During the regular season, guys get minutes for all kinds of reasons that have nothing at all to do with their performance — guys with big contracts get run they no longer merit because the GM demands it, or young players are out on the court longer as they get on the job training.

But in the playoffs you see what coaches are really thinking.

With that background, we bring you the news that Gilbert Arenas has lost the backup point guard job to Hedo Turkoglu, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Stan Van Gundy had to play the political game with the media — Magic GM made a big move to bring in his pal Arenas this season — but his actions spoke louder than words.

Van Gundy used SF Hedo Turkoglu as the team’s backup point guard during the second half on Tuesday.

“I don’t know what we’re doing,” Van Gundy said. “I haven’t decided exactly what we’re doing. I know Jameer’s going to play a lot of minutes. I know we’re going to use J.J. [Redick off the bench], I know we’re going to use Q[uentin Richardson] and I know we’re going to use Ryan [Anderson].
“As far as what we do at the backup point, I’m not totally sure.”

Arenas as played a total of 18 minutes in the two games so far hitting 3-of-8 shooting. He’s got four assists and four turnovers. He doesn’t defend and isn’t a spot up guy, and Van Gundy seems to prefer Turkoglu instigating the pick-and-roll (the one skill Turkoglu really brings to the table).

Just a reminder Magic fans, three years and $62 million left on the Arenas contract after this season.