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Good news Warriors fans, new owner says he is “not Al Davis”

New Warriors Logo.jpg

There are a lot of questions for Joseph A. Lacob, the guy taking the reins as the new owner of the Golden State Warriors. Fortunately for him, he doesn’t have to answer the hard ones -- about house cleaning in the front office, for example -- until he formally gets control of the team in a couple months.

But he is still talking, like he did to the San Jose Mercury News.

So, what kind of owner will he be? Not like the one owner Warriors fans might fear even more than the outgoing Chris Cohan.

“Definitely not Al Davis. Definitely not Mark Cuban,” Lacob said on Friday, reacting to two possibilities suggested by a reporter...

“Like everyone else, we thought that if Larry really wanted this and it was in his heart, he would have it,” said Lacob, speaking by phone from Europe, where he is on vacation. “I just think we had a gut instinct it wasn’t entirely clear how committed he would be to it. And as it went on, it came to a point where we realized we had a legitimate shot.”

What seems the best news for Warriors fans is Lacob appears committed. Seriously committed.

“This is not an investment for Joe. It’s a dream,” said Wyc Grousbeck, managing director of the Boston Celtics, in which Lacob has a minority stake. Grousbeck is a former venture capitalist who recruited him into the group that acquired the Celtics in 2002. The group was dubbed “Banner 17,” signaling its goal to lead the storied but then-downtrodden franchise to its 17th championship, a goal achieved in 2008.

“He’s a smart, competitive, successful basketball junkie,” Grousbeck said.

The Warriors have an owner who already has a ring in the NBA. That is a damn good place to start. Next up, the hard questions.