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Gordon Hayward update on his recovery: “I’m feeling like an athlete again”

He’s still got a long way to go — no, he’s not suiting up against the Cavaliers — but Gordon Hayward is making progress on his recovery.

Hayward posted to his blog on Friday to praise his Celtics’ teammates and their run through the playoffs, but he threw this in as well.

I know everybody is curious about where things stand with my rehab. It’s all been going really well. I’m happy to report I’m feeling like an athlete again. I’ve been in Indianapolis for the last couple weeks making some really good progress. I leave the hotel every morning at about 9:30 am and don’t get back til about 6 pm. We do a lot of running mechanics, physical therapy, a lift of some sort, and then court work for another few hours. It’s a full day, every day. I’m definitely moving along as planned, and progressing really well.

Hayward should be back and rolling at the start of next season. So should Kyrie Irving following his knee surgery.

All of that makes the Celtics — who have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals again on the strength of their defense and smart team play — look all the more dangerous. Irving adds shot creation that they lack, and Hayward is another Swiss Army Knife of a player who can do a little bit of everything and upgrades them on the wing. The Celtics may well be the team to beat in the East next season...

Actually, they may already be that.