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Greek league title game ends with fans firing flares at opposing team’s bench (VIDEO)

Greek title game

Whatever happens in closeout game of these NBA Finals, it will have nothing on the insanity of Greece championship game.

Traditional Greek league powerhouse Olympiakos was down 17 points to Panathinaikos with just a couple of minutes left in the league title game when the Olympiakos fans started firing flares at the Panathinaikos bench. Yes, you read that right — they were allowed to bring flares into the arena for the game, then shot them off at players. Here’s some video (hat tip Ball Don’t Lie).

Ironically, the game was being played at Peace and Friendship Stadium. Not making that up.

The players from both teams were ushered off the court, the building was cleared, and the players brought back out to finish the game in an empty arena. Yes, Panathinaikos won the game.

Frighteningly, this is nothing new, the Chicago Tribune did a story about flares and fireworks being allowed at Greek sporting events — and that was 1995. Back in 2013, the Olympiakos fans did the same thing.