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Greg Oden continues role as Sisyphus

If there is nobility in the trying, in the unwillingness to relent in the face of constant setbacks, then Greg Oden is a noble man.

Like Sisyphus, he continues to push that boulder up the hill, while the rest of us take bets on when it will roll back down on him.

Greg Oden slowly jogged on an anti-gravity treadmill earlier this week as his Portland Trail Blazers teammates wrapped up a morning practice session...

“I’m all right, but it’s just tough,” Oden said. “I’m going through all this again. I’ve been through this before and I know I can come back from it, but it’s the fact that it happened again that’s making it tough.”

Microfracture surgery on the right knee. A displaced kneecap on the left knee. Two seasons lost and two major surgeries. Talk of a curse on him and the franchise. All the while Kevin Durant blossoms into the league’s next superstar.

Yet there is Oden, back on the treadmill. Pushing that rock up the hill. Personally, I can’t help but root for the guy. It’s a noble effort.