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Grizzlies giving away flip flops for Clippers game. I wonder why

Blake Griffin,Tayshaun Prince

Blake Griffin,Tayshaun Prince


Chris Paul flops so much, then-Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins once said during an in-game interview, “Chris does a good job of flopping.”

And Blake Griffin might be an even bigger flopper!

Then there’s Doc Rivers, who claims he was “the best flopper in the world.”

From top to bottom, the Clippers flop. The scorn they receive might be overdone, but they bring it on themselves. Flopping is just part of their system.

So, the Grizzlies – who’ve developed a rivalry with the Clippers following playoff series with them in 2012 and 2013 – are having a little fun at the Clippers’ expense.

Grizzlies release (hat tip: Eric Freeman of Ball Don’t Lie):

Debuting this season, Grizzlies Wrestling Belts will be given to the first 3,000 fans at the Jan. 31 matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder as a part of Wrestling Night. Grizzlies Flip Flops will be handed out to the first 5,000 fans at the Feb. 27 game vs. the Los Angeles Clippers. On Mar. 27, the first 5,000 fans will receive a Tree Sapling at the Grizzlies Go Green Game vs. the Golden State Warriors, presented by International Paper. Also new this season, Z-Bow-Ties will be given to the first 5,000 fans in attendance at the April 4 tilt with the Washington Wizards.
The first 5,000 fans at the matchup against Oklahoma City on April 3 will be given the Super Grizz Cape Set.

That the flip flops aren’t a runaway winner as the best giveaway on that list is amazing. Here are the definitive rankings of all Memphis’ giveaways next season:

1. Grizzlies Flip Flops

I’m all for good-natured heckling of opponents.

2. Grizzlies Wrestling Belts

These are for Zach Randolph.

3. Super Grizz Cape Set

It’s not even one cape. It’s a whole set. You can have multiple superhero secret identities.

4. Z-Bow-Ties

I love puns.

5. Marc Gasol Growth Chart

In college, we had a Zeljko Rebraca growth chart. It was awesome.

6. Grizzlies Camo Hat

I don’t like the trend of camo-izing everything, but a hat is always a safe and good giveaway.

7. Grizzlies Poster

Easy artwork to decorate a wall – if you don’t wrinkle it while at the game.

8. Rally Flags

Fun during the game, but no take-home value.

9. Thank You Cards

These might be the most practical giveaway I’ve ever seen.

10.Tree Sapling

What are you supposed to do with this during the game? You just sit there with a tree in your lap?

11. Grizz Girl Posters

Read more here, “Nobody asked me but …” No. 3.

12. pink Grizzlies Headbands

Read more here.