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Hawks campaigning for Crawford, Smith

The Hawks are enjoying a phenomenal season, one which has seen significant strides for the team as a whole, and for their players as individuals.

Josh Smith has stopped taking jumpers, gone inside, and most importantly brought his athleticism and energy to form a complete defensive game. He’s not leading the league in rebounds or blocks, but it’s arguable that no player has made more of a complete impact, halfcourt to baseline, than Smith on the defensive side.

And that’s what the Hawks are pushing. They’ve set up a website to support Smith for Defensive Player of the Year, called “What I Do.” Getting Smith over Dwight Howard is going to be quite a chore, but it’s good to know that the Hawks are behind their guys.

Similarly, the Hakws are also pressing Jamal Crawford for Sixth Man of the Year, under the site “The Difference.” Crawford’s in a much better position. He’s been a huge part of the Hawks’ augmented offensive attack, and if there’s any question the damage he can do, well, just ask the Celtics.