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Hawks to host “Swipe Right Night” sponsored by Tinder Wednesday. Yes, really.

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No, I don’t think the Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders are going to be fully participating in this.

The players... that may depend.

I saw this tweet Monday from one of the fun people to hang out with around the league, Robby Kalland, and did a quick double take.

Um... I’m not totally sure what this even means for a basketball game.

But yes, we checked and it’s real. And it will be spectacular.

(For those of you married and/or over 40, Tinder is a “dating” app that is really a hookup app where it tells you what other Tinder users are in your vicinity and if you like their picture you can “swipe right” to try to create a match, and if both parties agree to a match based on the most superficial of qualities, well, you’re consenting adults so it’s up to you. Let’s just say it was the most popular of apps for Olympic athletes staying in the village in Sochi.)

The Hawks have actually sold out their last three games via conventional means — having a good team that people will pay to see. Attendance has spiked in Atlanta this season. These Hawks are on top of the conference, getting All-Star level play out of Jeff Teague, Paul Millsap and Al Horford, plus coach Mike Budenholzer has them sharing the ball and playing selfless hoops. For a basketball purist this team is a thing of beauty. Hawks fans are catching on.

But for those that aren’t — Tinder night is here.