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Here’s who will represent teams at NBA Draft Lottery

2012 NBA Draft Lottery

2012 NBA Draft Lottery

NBAE/Getty Images

Next Thursday the fate of some franchises — not to mention Zion Williamson and a number of other elite college players — will be decided next Tuesday night in a closed room in Chicago.

It’s the NBA Draft Lottery, and while the actual bouncing lottery balls are in the sealed room, out on stage will be the envelopes with the results and a representative from each team. Most carrying some lucky totem of some kind.

It’s a made for television event with enormous stakes for the teams. Here’s a list of who will be representing teams on the stage, plus a look at their odds of landing Williamson or another top-four pick.

• New York Knicks: Patrick Ewing
(No. 1 pick odds, 14%; top-four odds: 52.1%)

• Cleveland Cavaliers: Nick Gilbert (son of team owner Dan Gilbert)
(No. 1 pick odds, 14%; top-four odds: 52.1%)

• Phoenix Suns: Deandre Ayton
(No. 1 pick odds, 14%; top-four odds: 52.1%)

• Chicago Bulls: Horace Grant
(No. 1 pick odds, 12.5%; top-four odds: 48%)

• Atlanta Hawks: Jami Gertz (actress, team minority owner)
(No. 1 pick odds, 10.5%; top-four odds: 42.1%)
*Atlanta will have two lottery picks if Dallas’ pick remains outside the top four

• Washington Wizards: Raul Fernandez (team minority owner)
(No. 1 pick odds, 9%; top-four odds: 37.2%)

• New Orleans Pelicans: Alvin Gentry
(No. 1 pick odds, 7.5%; top-four odds: 26.3%)

• Memphis Grizzlies: Elliot Perry (minority owner)
(No. 1 pick odds, 6%; top-four odds: 26.3%)
*Memphis loses its pick to Boston if outside top 8, there’s a 42.6% chance of that

• Dallas Mavericks: Cynthia Marshall (team CEO)
(No. 1 pick odds, 4.5%; top-four odds: 26.3%)
*Dallas loses its pick if outside top the 4, there’s a 73.7% chance of that

• Minnesota Timberwolves: Gersson Rosas (just hired president)
(No. 1 pick odds, 3%; top-four odds: 13.9%)

• Los Angeles Lakers: Kyle Kuzma
(No. 1 pick odds, 2%; top-four odds: 9.4%)

• Charlotte Hornets: James Borrego
(No. 1 pick odds, 1.5%; top-four odds: 4.8%)

• Miami Heat: Alonzo Mourning
(No. 1 pick odds, 1%; top-four odds: 4.8%)

• Boston Celtics: Rich Gotham (team president)
(Top-four odds: 3.3%)
*Boston will get Sacramento’s pick if it falls 2-14 (anything but No. 1), Memphis’ pick if outside top 8

• Philadelphia 76ers: Chris Heck (team president)
(No. 1 pick odds, 0.5%)
*Philadelphia gets Sacramento’s pick only if it is No. 1 overall