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Hornets release statement on Jeff Taylor domestic assault arrest

Jeff Taylor mug

A league shouldn’t need what happened with Ray Rice and the NFL to take domestic violence cases more seriously than they do.

But in the wake of the NFL’s sloppy handling of that case, the NBA will be under a spotlight in dealing with the arrest of Charlotte’s Jeff Taylor on a domestic assault charge in Michigan on Thursday. (Reports of a second arrest of Taylor seem questionable.)

An NBA spokesman told ProBasketballTalk the league is aware of the charges against Taylor and is investigating.

The Hornets released this statement on Taylor’s arrest:

“The organization is in the process of gathering more information and doing our due diligence. This is a matter that we take very seriously.”

Police in East Lansing had not released the details of the arrest to the public as of the time of this writing.

Earlier this week, in the wake of the NFL mishandling of the Rice situation, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver saying the league would review its domestic violence policy. I don’t think anyone thought he would have to deal with a situation like this so soon, but now it is in his hands.

There is likely not going to be any clear-cut video of the incident like the NFL had — the first video should have been plenty clear enough to them — but the NBA needs to investigate and act. The days of waiting for the wheels of justice to grind slowly toward a resolution may be gone. But the NBA needs to find out what really happened then take the appropriate actions.