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How do you feel about skin-tight All-Star jerseys?

Rose compression jersey

While the shorts have gone baggy — and may we never return to the ‘80s short-shorts — the latest thing in NBA jerseys may be skin-tight compression look.

These are an option for NBA players participating in the All-Star Game, according to UniWatch (via The Basketball Jones). The picture here doesn’t do it justice, to see a full-length picture of the uniform, click here.

Note we said option. Players can wear a more traditional uniform or this compression look.

A lot of players wear compression tops under their jerseys already, and for players that bang around in the paint a lot (or drive the lane often) there is padding attached to that on the ribs. This would sort of be the next step. If you want to take that step.

Personally, I don’t hate it. I’d call myself neutral on the look. My only request: Don’t make these available to the people in the All-Star Celebrity Game. I love Magic Johnson but the thought of him in a compression jersey.... great, now I’m nauseous.

UniWatch makes one great point: While that skin-tight jersey can work on a professional athletes’ body, how marketable is that? Can you really sell compression jerseys in the team store? Look around at the crowds at most NBA games and you don’t want to see 90 percent of those people in anything form-fitting. (To be fair, that percentage is higher in the media rooms.)

But we may get to see it All-Star Weekend — if any of the players give it a go.