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How to nearly get you’re a$@ kicked in Cleveland: Wear a LeBron Heat jersey

Image (1) heat_LeBron_jersey-thumb-250x151-16928.jpg for post 3379

Let’s be clear about this: You have to be a complete and total a------- to wear a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey in Cleveland.

You get what’s coming. To complain about anything short of physical violence is like those people that buy a house under the flight path near an airport then complain about all the noise. They deserve no sympathy.

So to sum up: an a------- got thrown out a Cleveland Indian Game Wednesday night for wearing a LeBron Heat jersey. Someone within his rights, but an a-------.

What happened is that a guy went to Wednesday night’s Indians game wearing a No. 6 Miami Heat jersey. A LeBron jersey. By the sixth inning things got ugly enough, with people hundreds of people chanting at him that police escorted him out of the stadium. Probably for his own safety. People followed him to the gate to keep yelling at him.

The guy was within his rights. The guy was an a-------.

Probably best for everyone it went down like this, before things got uglier. Best to prevent physical violence, the police did the right thing, even if the guy was within his rights. But sympathy for him..... ha.