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If the Kings move to Anaheim, what name do they choose?


You don’t have to like it — we don’t — but it looks more and more like the Sacramento Kings may be on the move to Anaheim. And with that would come a lot of questions. For example:

What do we call them?

There is already a Kings in the greater Los Angeles market, been there since 1967. And while those Kings play in the NHL and have never won the Stanley Cup — I still blame Marty McSorley and his stick for that — they are established. The NBA Kings would have to change their name.

As Tom Couzens noted at the Sacramento Bee, the last two Kings games they have worn the throw back Royals jerseys, from the franchises’ time in Rochester. Maybe that is a hint as to the team’s thinking.

As they should, the Bee had some fun and got a little snarky with the names.

Or the Maloofs could call their team the Palms. Anaheim has plenty of palm trees, plus imagine the marketing tie-ins with the Maloofs’ casino in Las Vegas.

Don’t like those ideas? Here’s a dandy that’s been bandied about: The Orange County Wave … as in wave them goodbye?

I suppose the Anaheim third wheels is out of the question, too.